ding dong ditch’d

Well it happened. Last night I was ding dong ditch’d for the very first time. This is a big moment in a girl’s life. You wait for the night. When’s it gonna happen? Will it be everything I want it to be? Will there be candles? Will I like it as much as the girl next door? WAIT! What am I writing about?

Oh yeh, my first time getting ding dong ditch’d. So last night it happened. Let me set the stage for you my dear reader. Will has a fever, he’s tired. Hannah’s in cooperation mode helping Mommy play nurse while Dad is out of town. I get both kids in the bathtub and done by 7pm. UNHEARD of! Both kids in bed by 7:30pm. UNHEARD of! I’m going to crawl into bed myself before 9pm. NOT SO UNHEARD of!

So it’s a little before 8, I think, all the lights are off in the house except the glow of my Steve Jobs reading device. Door bell rings! What the what? Who’s here and who wants to play? Dammit I gotta put some pants on!

I sneak downstairs in the dark and see no one in the shadows. But there sits a tiny little bag. What the what? Did I forget something somewhere? Does someone know Will is sick and dropped off McDonalds for a late dinner?? Is there a 40 in there?

In the darkness, the bag does not appear to be steaming (I’ve heard stories about ding dong ditch’n) but appears kinda sparkly. And here is what I find:

So thank you kind person(s). My first ding dong ditch experience was a great one. You made me smile on a hard night dealing with single momness and a sick kid. You made us feel welcomed in a neighborhood we already feel horribly welcomed. You made me feel like one of the cool kids and for that I thank you!

Now I’m off to eat some candy for breakfast and see if I can get adult acne! And for that I don’t thank you. But thank you!!

2 thoughts on “ding dong ditch’d

  1. Apparently I’ve been “boo’d” and I should pass this along after I empty our loot. That kinda makes me even more excited. What oh what am I going to put in this bag??

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