strep throat

Where to start? Let’s start with last week. At least I think it was last week. Hannah had a raging fever & headache, said her throat hurt and slept most of the day away. Which is what you want to do when you’re up most of the night. At least this is my personal dream. Today and last week!

We took her to the doctor. No strep. Just dehydrated so fill her with Gatorade and ibuprofen to break the fever. No problem – except the whole red Gatorade vomited on white/beige carpet. But no strep.

Let’s fast forward to this week. Will has a low grade fever. Kinda tired. Biggest complaint is a belly ache. I ask if his throat hurts and get a big no!

My brilliant mommy mind decides we’ll just work through this as we did Hannah. Fever broken late Tuesday, I take off for my business travel and Will goes off to school Wednesday. All better. That was easy.

Except it wasn’t.

You know what I love? And I’m sure you working moms & dads are right there with me. I love when the phone rings while you’re in a meeting you traveled hours for and the caller ID lists your kids school. I love that!!

So it’s the school nurse to tell me Will’s been to her office 3 times complaining of a belly ache. Crap! Maybe he’s not better. Maybe his appendix is about to burst. Maybe he has the flu since I haven’t figured out flu shots at new pediatrician yet. I call husband who goes and picks him up and takes him to the doctor.

Diagnosis: strep throat. Kid has an upset stomach and it’s strep throat??!!! My other kid had a sore throat last week along with same fever and it wasn’t strep throat??!!!???

Do I know anything anymore?

So that’s this week’s mommy fail. And I will admit that a friend told me earlier this week it may be strep. This friend is finishing up her work to become a nurse practitioner. Point: What the hell does she know about illnesses? I went through this goat rodeo last week and will get child #2 through this “virus!” I’ve got this one.

Ummm she’s obviously a better mommy (read: strep predictor) than me! But I can pour the magical pink stuff to heal my little man so off I go to improve my mother standing for the week.

4 thoughts on “strep throat

  1. The boys one year from Oct-March had 16 positive streps between the four of them, throw the toothbrushes out, I used to clean with them so I must of been the culprit for them continuously getting strep!! Partially why Michael had the tonsils removed he always got strep!!

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