the lump. part 2

This morning I had my mammogram as scheduled. They also did an ultrasound to take a closer look. The important part: it’s “simply” dense tissue that raises no concerns.

PHEW! I kinda feel like I dodged a bullet and I’d be lying if my mind didn’t go to a bad place this weekend.

I’ll say the Breast Center I went to was really amazing. On a funny note, I noticed one of my son’s football coach’s car in the parking lot. I knew he was a radiologist but didn’t know where he worked. I texted his wife and asked if was there today. She said he was. I chuckled as I thought today might be his lucky day!!

I had been sent for a screening mammogram but because a lump had been found I should have been sent for a diagnostic. The Center had to call for a new script from my doctor which only took an extra 10-15 mins. The “smashing” only took a few minutes. The ultrasound then occurred a few minutes later. Both of the techs said I would have an answer before leaving the building. When I was told that, I thought that could be good or bad. And again, I wondered if the football coach would be seeing my goods. Kinda awkward, but I really appreciated it making me laugh so hard.

The ultrasound tech came back out of the waiting room and asked me to step into her office. Her office = the changing room. Uh, she’s kinda funny. At that point she told me it was nothing to worry about. I stared back at her in happy shock. And no it wasn’t Sean looking at my mammogram. (Maybe next time Coach!)

At the Breast Center, there were two sides of the waiting room.  The screening side and the diagnostic side. There were 7 people, including myself, on the diagnostic side. I left the center today with good news. I can’t help but think of the other women with me there this morning.

Most of us take our health for granted, but please go get your boobies checked! I know you hear it all the time, including this month being October. But do it! I have a low pain tolerance but I don’t really think the mammogram is that painful. And feel yourself up in the showers. I know I’ve admitted to not doing it, but I’m going to start.

On another note, Happy Halloween! My day just got a whole lot less scary.

4 thoughts on “the lump. part 2

  1. Very, very good. Of course rationally you knew that’s what it almost certainly was, but still. As you say, hard for your mind not to go to a scary place while you wait. Glad for the great news!

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