7 days

So I’m about to take on something that goes against the very heart of my blog! OH RELAX – I’m still gonna be (h)Ott, no way I can stop that train! Gifted Beauty you may say. But read my banner  – “should probably eat my vegetables and set an example. probably won’t.” I’m about to break all of my rules. ALL. OF. THEM. I’m gonna change my ways.

Well kinda. Cuz I’m gonna drink, not eat, my vegetables. And my fruits. For 7 days. And hope that it turns into my very own 2nd coming of Christ. You’ve read about my struggles with my skin. You’ve read about my inability to cook. You’ve read about my attempts to eat healthy. You’ve read about my desire to eat something other than breads, pastas, pizzas, meats and sugars.

It’s about to happen. (RIght after I eat all of the kids Halloween candy!)

It’s thanks to my sister who’s discovered the art of juicing. Let me back up and remind you I’ve tried the elimination diet. I’ve tried yeast-free. I’ve eliminated gluten. You see where it’s gotten me. To ugly face. Some days uglier than others. So I’m crying uncle again and will try to juice. For 7 straight days.

Jamie, my sister, lives in Germany and has discovered Jason Vale the JuiceMaster. He’s big in Europe and just making his way to the States. (Apparently important people like SJP and Ms. Aniston already know of him. I always find out after these girls!) Through Jamie I’ve been introduced to his site and his recipes. She’s been to a couple of his retreats in Turkey (yes, the country far, far away) and has shared some amazing stories with me. I’ve had a juicer for a couple of months and I play around with it. I like it. I’ve never had so much spinach in my life. And I like it. (yeh, you can call me Popeye if you so desire!) I drink apples and carrots and spinach and broccoli and lemons and ginger and kale and fruits and vegetables I’ve never heard of!

Again, I’ve only been playing around with it but I can’t take much more of my “doctors aren’t providing any relief” freak of a face that is my own. So I’m moving on to juicing. For 7 days.

I had to find a 7 day window without travel or Halloween, so next week it starts. 7 straight days. 7 days of juice recipes and a grocery list to get me started. I hope I can do it. I hope even more that it rights my body. I’m not very good at sticking with something like this so you’ll probably be forced to ride this ride along with me on this very, used-to-be-veggie-free blog. I apologize now for my grumpiness, shortness and overall funk. BUT after 7 days we (read: me) should all be a lot happier. And pretty-ier!

Jamie’s told me Jason is looking for 10 people to film for 30 days for a documentary on juicing. I’m game! Who doesn’t want to follow around this I can’t cook, my face looks like the guy in Mask, mom from the suburbs of America? Until my starring role in the movie, I will do my 7 days and see if raw foods fix what ails me.

After all, a raw diet worked for Gwyneth Paltrow and I’m A LOT like Gwyneth so I don’t see why it won’t work for me!

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