you’re such a man!

My 5 year old and I have a favorite movie that we call “The Love Movie” aka The Proposal. I mean what 5 year old girl doesn’t love a movie with Betty White and a little Ryan Reynolds in the background?

Her and I often ask the boys if they want to watch “The Love Movie.” Sometimes they agree. Other times they just leave the room and go blow things up somewhere else in the house.

Recently the germs have been making their way through our house and we’ve all, except Husband with the bum knee, been down for the count. (He’s been down for the count for about 6 weeks, but whatever…)

All these germs have found us watching a lot of TV and a lot of movies. Recently Will was home sick so just the two of us were hanging out in front of the TV.

In an attempt to watch something other than Agent Cody Banks or ThunderCats I asked:

wanna watch house hunters?

W: no I HATE House Hunters! It’s like an hour long. Let’s watch a movie!

M: Wanna watch The Looooove Movie?

W: Does The Love Movie have explosions??

M: You’re such a man!

I turned on ThunderCats and left the room.

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