chickens & chugging milk

OH MY GOD! OMG! OH MY GOD! How do you people keep your boys fed?

I’m so outta my league here. Am I really supposed to have a rotisserie chicken and a pepperoni pizza ready for this kid when he gets off the bus each day?  And THEN give him dinner 2 hours later? Apparently snack bags of chips and an offering of fruit is crap. This kid wants a full on meal after school. I can barely, okay not at all, but a full meal on for dinner and I’m supposed to make two within two hours?

I grew up in a house with 2 girls. Just me and my sis. After school we could put down our share of Little Debbies and watch The Brady Bunch, but never did I want a full-on chicken to eat while watching iCarly! What’s with you boys?

I remember an old neighbor of ours talking about milk chugging contests with his brother each day after school and his mom would get so pissed about them going through a gallon of milk each day. I would laugh at him, haa haaa!

Now I’m scared. Very, very scared! I’m not sure how I’m gonna do this.

So tell me, whattya feed your boys for an “after school snack” cause I imagine this keeping him full thing is only gonna get crazier!??

(No, a side of beef is not an okay answer!!)