end of day 4

Day four has been hard. I’ve been drinking 4-5 juices a day since Sunday. FYI – Sunday was FOUR days ago. 4! The juices taste good. They are thick. They are smooth. They are good and my mouth feels “tangy” a lot and kinda all the time.

I’ve been drinking juices for 4 days. Spinach, kale, apples, carrots, pineapples, ginger, spirulina, wheat grass, ice cubes, bananas, and a side of spinach with some kale and watercress. For four days.

How’s my face? Well, less flaky but I woke up this morning scratching the hell out of it and was entirely expecting to see friction burns everywhere upon glancing at my morning beauty in the mirror. I also scratched a finger raw overnight and 2 other unmentionable areas. (NO, not there!)

And I’m tired. I have the energy of a slug and since it was raining today all I wanted to do was curl up under a blanket and nap. Unfortunately today required oh too many conference calls with participation required so no nap for me. I am still tired. Typing is making me even tired-er. (pohbre me!)

So today was frustrating. I spoke to my resident expert (read: sister in Germany) and she said:

Normal. Just keep doing it! You’ll be amazed. Really you will.

But I’m soooo tired and still itchy

Probably just all the toxins coming out

Okay, but I’m soo tired

AND THEN SHE SAID: yeh, we napped each afternoon during the retreat in Turkey.

Well la teee dah Ms. I can do this cause I can take a nap cause I’m on a retreat in the I’ve- never-been-there-but-I’m-guessing-it’s-probably-fancy-and-retreat-worthy country of Turkey!

I’M attempting to do this working full-time, mothering, wifeing AND going to BW3s to watch football (helllo wings & beer) AND going to a football banquet at a pizza parlor (helllo pizza & beer).


Wait! I am doing this. I am. I haven’t cheated and tomorrow is day 5. For four days, I’ve drank my juice. I’ve followed my plan. Holy crap, I’ve stuck with something. What is this juice doing to me???

Well, it’d better fix my face and give me some of my energy back soon (I’d be happy with earthworm level)! I have lost 4 pounds, but that’s NOT WHY I’M DOING THIS….

(PS – you know I love you Jamie!!)

One thought on “end of day 4

  1. I Know!!! So proud of you – doing it at Home doesnt compare to Turkey. Does knowing we do 5 hours of exercise everything before and After the ‘naps’?!?! Xoxo

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