and on the 6th day

There’s 2 more juices left to make and drink today. Tomorrow is day 7. The last day. I’m soooo close to having done a 7 day plan. Yeah me!

Except my face is still red and it burns. Sure the pounds are falling off, but my goal was not weight loss. It was hope for a dewy face and it’s anything but. Maybe I was fooling myself that 7 days could right years of “toxins” but I hear it has for others. Maybe I need 21 days. Maybe 30. I’m pretty sure I don’t have that in me!

Here on day 6 I kinda expected to have enough energy to swing from the chandeliers. Isn’t that what happens after eating 7 medium pineapples, 2 heads of broccoli and a crap load of other green, leafy veggies?  Guessing the swinging from the chandeliers will have to wait for my usual Saturday night activities.

It’s Friday night and the kids are asking to go out for pizza tonight. Kinda funny as I texted my husband earlier today with a love note: “If someone doesn’t feed me pizza tonight, someone’s gonna have to die. XOXO.” So if I’m honest with all ya’all (fancy speak for: you guys) all I really wanna do this Friday night is sit in a pizzeria with a pitcher of beer.  Crave carbs much?

I get I can probably make it through 2 juices tonight and the final 5 on the menu for tomorrow. This really hasn’t been that hard. I’m proud I’ve made it this far. But I went in with serious expectations and I’m not seeing them. Maybe my expectations were much too high. (First time *that’s* happened!)

I’m not giving up on the juicing idea but I’m not sure I’m making it through the final 7 drinks. Will I feel like a failure? Not sure. Will I wish I’d done the last 7? Not sure. Will I go out for pizza tonight? GOD I DON’T KNOW, BUT I SURE WANT TO!!!

Even if I eat “unhealthy” food tonight, I will keep juicing. 2-3 juices a day. I will admit, they’ve been very good. The only reason I’m considering not doing another day is cause my face just isn’t fixing itself. Sure maybe a bit less flaky, but not more dewy. Less flaky. Less red. More dewy. Not happening. I get it. I get it. A crap load of toxins oozing out my skin. Yeh. Enough already. There is a 30 day plan for a skin cleanse, that includes juicing, some extra vitamins and some *solid* healthy fatty foods. I think that’s the next phase of my journey.

So what am I gonna do right now? Not sure. But there’s a couple of avocados in my fridge that I may just mash, throw on my face as a “natural moisturizer” and go scare my kids!

Can you say HELLO fun Friday night!

5 thoughts on “and on the 6th day

  1. way to go too – im bringing hte cleanse skin stuff with me as well in a week – mash that with the avacoados !!! love you!!!

    1. So it didn’t. I mean the day happened and all but I starting eating foods other than veggies again. I’ve been prescribed steriod ointment for my face and am playing around with a few other things. Right now, I’m smooth as a baby’s butt. IDEAL! Not loving the solution right now though…

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