such a lady

If I teach anything in this house, it’s manners. Oh and how to laugh. Laughing is very important! As for manners, we say thank you. We say excuse me. Well at least I tell them they should must. I can’t say they always follow thru. But I try. and try again. and try again.

Which brings us to dinner last night. Mike’s traveling so it’s just the 3 of us sitting around the table, sharing stories about our day. SUDDENLY, there’s a fart.

Me: who farted?

H: Not me. Ladies don’t fart. They don’t burp either. (long pause) Am I a lady?

Fearful that my daughter will learn she’s not allowed to fart, I ask “Did your teacher tell you that ladies don’t do that?”

H: Yes

Me: Well, ladies do fart and they do burp but we do it quietly or in private AND say excuse me.

H (with eyes all serious): that was my first fart EVER, so excuse me. No really, EVER. That was my first fart.

All I wanted to do was yell congratulations to her on her very, first fart. 5 years old and finally she farted. ‘Cept I knew she just *may not* have been telling the truth as she’d claimed one in the car 45 minutes earlier!

So she farts and she lies. What am I teaching?

And then you said...

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