wait, it’s turkey day in a week?

Wait, what?? Apparently, according to my handy-dandy calendar, next week is Thanksgiving. Turkey Day. According to my local shops, it’s Christmas but I will ignore that for at least 3 more weeks.

Back to November. Wait, what? A year ago, the subject of moving came up. 8 months ago we knew we were moving. 6 months ago we moved. You could tell me that all happened last month and I would believe you. Where the hell did the last year go?

Since we’ve got a new house to celebrate, we are hosting a houseful. And I really couldn’t be more excited! We’ve got people flying in. We’ve got people driving in. Yeah!!! We’ve got a houseful of people!

Oh SHIT! We’ve got a houseful of people. Which means:

  • sheets need washed
  • 2 walls need painted
  • dishes need cleaned
  • extra silverware needs purchased
  • van needs cleaned out & 8th seat inserted
  • towels need washed
  • screen needs replaced
  • crap upstairs needs put downstairs
  • downstairs needs, well, tidy’d
  • cranberry sauce, in a can of course, needs purchased
  • recipes need reviewed (shreeek)
  • ingredients need purchased (ya’all better stay home this weekend. I don’t wanna see you at the grocery store!)
  • propane tanks need filled (gas grill, duh!)
  • centerpieces, turkey type stuff needs purchased/created
  • (phew I’m almost outta breath)
  • regular groceries, outside of Turkey Day food, needs purchased
  • clothes need washed
  • office needs cleaned
  • air mattresses need purchased (thanks dogs for destroying!)
Holy crap! I don’t even know what else is on the list. Probably something major, like make sure there’s toilet paper in the house…My list is a mile long and Turkey Day is next week. (deep breath, deep breath!)
But I’d be lying though if I didn’t say I am thrilled to host everyone this year and can’t wait for them to arrive!!
Is it Thanksgiving yet, already???  I wish it’d hurry up and get here!  Safe travels all.

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