an empty house

How quickly the holidays pass! There’s all the anticipation, all the preparation, all the excitement of family coming, the recipes to study, the shopping to be done, the sheets to be washed, the house to be cleaned.

Then it’s over. The house is silent again. The 5 days pass in the blink of an eye. And it may be 12 months before it all happens again.

If you live near your family, enjoy them. Appreciate the fact that they live nearby and are around to bug the shit out of you!

It had been 18 months since I’d last seen my sister. We are close and talk almost every day, but she lives across the big puddle also known as the Atlantic.

It had been 7 months since I’d seen my dad. We too are close, but my parents are a good, long 10 hours in a van away from us.

Many of you live within a short drive (short to me = 3-4 hours) of your family. You may think that’s a long way. If mine lived that close, I would call them my neighbors! Sometimes they may be too close, but since living on my own, I’ve never been able to call them up and go to lunch or go shopping or request a random night of babysitting.

Sure we get together during the holidays and are apt to get into some kinda argument over something stupid. But isn’t that a holiday tradition? Isn’t it family that gets to grate on your nerves and then love you like no one else does?

If you can, call a family member and go have lunch with them. Go do it for all of us that can only stay in touch over the phone. Then give me a call and ask me to go have a beer. After all, with no family nearby you get to be my family.

Happy Holidays to my family & friends!

3 thoughts on “an empty house

  1. AMEN! I totally get that since that has been my story ever since I moved to California straight out of college,when I knew it all! Then once I figured out I didn’t really have it all figured out,I was far away from my family.So,I also remind those that complain about family,it beats the alternative.Glad you all had a good time,Love Aunt Michelle

  2. Love this one, Julie. Already printed it out so I know I can read it again in the future. Love you so so much and thank you for hosting us all. xoxoxo

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