getting away with it

My days of getting away with it are almost over. I don’t think we can get away with it one more year. It’s probably about time we gave in. What am I talking about?

Cheap Christmas gifts for the kids! Those days are over. O_V_E_R! And I’m a little pissed about it. Seems I now have to look back fondly on the days when Christmas was some coloring books, crayons, stocking stuffers and a nerf gun. Please notice: THERE ARE NO SUPER EXPENSIVE CRAPTASTIC ELECTRONIC DEVICES REQUESTED ON THAT LIST. The kids didn’t know about 3DS’s. They didn’t ask for the super expensive stuff. No TVs, no Netbooks, no DVRs, no Xboxes, no 2nd Wii’s. No. None!

Now, I’ll admit it’s early in this Christmas electronics game and the 3DS is the “only” electronic thing on their list. (Apparently we have the only kids in the world that don’t own a 3DS. Apparently their hand-me down ipod touches are CRAP! Apparently I am the worst mother in the world. Apparently.)

We are lucky this year and we are able to afford 3DS’s for the kids. I simply don’t want to. Those gifts alone are more than I want to spend. And we know those won’t be the only gifts under the tree this year.

Maybe, just maybe, I can buy the crayons and coloring books (super popular with 7 year old boys as quality entertainment!!) and ask Santa to buy the 3DS. Yeh, that’s what I’ll do!

So adios, I’m off to write a letter to Santa and ask that he handle the electronic items. I love when I’m a mother genius! I’m so rockin’ the Super Mom Holiday Badge this year.