my face. the final chapter.

Let’s catch up. First, a refresher for those new to the team.

I have issues with my face. And by issues I mean insane flakiness and swelling that allows me to pull off a gig as Eric Stoltz’ stunt double in Mask. I’m not kidding. But I’m not sharing pics in this post. You’re welcome. (You can find them in many other posts.)

For two years, month after month, with randomish frequency, “something” was causing these eruptions.

I tried the doctors – the dermatologists, the gynecologists (as there seemed to be a “monthly” pattern), the general practitioners, the acupuncturists.

I tried the allergy tests – the food, the animals, the chemicals. No definitive allergies outside of a small reaction to dust mites and cats. Nothing new.

I tried the diets – elimination, yeast free, gluten free, sugar free, wheat free, egg free, dairy free.

I tried the lotions – the fancy dept store, the drug store, the health food store, the you can only buy this on the internet.

A few weeks ago, I had my annual exam and then an appointment with my dermatologist. Since we’ve moved to a new city, both of these doctors are new to me and my face. (Except this dermatologist. Whom I’d seen 8+ years ago when we used to live here.)

Both doctors asked if anyone had talked to me about taking out my ovaries based on a pattern seen in these flares.

Umm no and I really don’t want that to be a viable option. My dermatologist recommended a steroid cream for my face (GREAT! Been down this road before with the strong stuff and no results. NADA) as well as oral prednisone to take at a “certain time of month.” You following? Good.

Neither of us liked the idea of these steroids used month after month and she was kind enough to tell me she can’t keep me on these for the next 30 years. WTF? I’m gonna be menstruating for the next 30 years. Won’t that be like some kinda record??

So off I go with my new prescriptions and you know what…Damned if that didn’t do the trick.

Frickin’ hydrocortisone. Yeh, you know the stuff you can buy at Walgreens or Target. That. ‘Cept this is prescription strength, but yeah! 3-4 days of that on my face 1x day and blaaa-mo! I’m ready for the big leagues.  No swelling, no flakes.

Can you say: Hello gorgeous!

I can’t say I’m not a whole lot disappointed in finding an “easy” solution after TWO FRIGGIN’ years. But I’d been put on a lot stronger steroid ointments. I only took 1 of the oral steroids for some swelling, but I don’t think I’ll need to take them regularly. I’ve also added zinc and selenium (have NO idea what that is) daily.

There’s a little blotchiness after I eat some wrong foods – you know the wheat, eggs and dairy that I’m super good at inhaling. But I can hide blotchiness. Easy! I’m a pro.

What I can’t hide is being Rocky Dennis’ stunt double. Apparently I won’t have to anymore!