if these walls could talk

We’ve moved into your average suburban house. By that, I mean we’ve got the same layout as the house next door and down the street and around the corner and two miles away. And most of the houses in between.

These are the infamous 4 bedroom/2.5 baths. You’re familiar with the concept, right? And where’s that half bath? Yep, right off the kitchen and living room.

I don’t know about your house, but in my house this means conversations can continue whilst (fancy suburban word) one leaves the kitchen and enters the half bathroom. At least that’s what my 7 year old believes can and should happen.

It’s so very annoying for him to be talking. Get up and walk into the bathroom, close the door and still be blabbing. On and on and on til “WILLLLLLLLLLLL! Stop talking. When you’re done, we can continue this conversation.”

Super annoying.

Until I find myself doing the same thing. Into the bathroom I go. Shut the door and still I blab and blab and blab. Husband yells at me to stop. Me: Why? You can obviously still hear me!!

And then all I can think is poor Will. He can’t help the miserable traits he inherited. From his dad.

And then you said...

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