my fellow travelers

So here we sit. Waiting. Gathering. Watching. Staring. Judging.

We’re all judging, right?

Oh it’s just me wondering what the French women on her cell phone in a fancy suit does for a living?

It’s just me wondering about the big girl next to me with her bag of carrots and a side of chik-fil-a. Are you on a diet? Or just improving your vision?

Anyone else wanna ask the tall, gorgeous woman that just walked by the gate if she’s as cool as she looks?

Anyone want to tell Keith, our gate agent, that he’s got a voice for radio? He just said if we’ve got any questions to come ask him. Fine! I’ll take one for the team and go ask.

Anyone else wonder if they’re gonna have to be the one to sit next to the yappy chihuahua? Maybe Keith can help.

Anyone? Anyone? Am I really alone here?

Anyone else notice how the rain has turned my hair into a frizzy, hot mess?

Cause usually I’m way prettier than this. But how would you know!

One thought on “my fellow travelers

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