house hunters

House Hunters is one of my favorite shows. Love it. Watch it all the time. Reruns put me in a bad mood. Foul!

Mike’s about to take the kids to the club for the afternoon, so I’ve got my fat ass on the couch and House Hunters all teed up on the DVR. As soon as they bolt, I hit play.

Kids see House Hunters on the TV and Will yells booooo. (Kid obviously doesn’t understand quality TV just yet, and I will continue to have him watch a crapload of TV so he can judge. Yes, I’m a horrible mommy!)

Hannah’s face simply gets all sad. I’m like Cool. She’s sad she can’t watch with me. But noooo.

I ask: “Why the sad face?”

H: “Cause it’s House Hunters. Like Hunters. That Kill Houses. That’s sad”

Me: “Yep, that’s sad.”

Now leave for the club! I’ve got Killers to watch.