i wanna be as cool as i am on pinterest

I didn’t get Pinterest.

It was kinda like that great book everyone loves. I pick up the book 2-3 times and think what the hell people? When does this get good? (Sorry Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it’s just not gonna happen between us!)

That was my relationship with Pinterest.

Visual boards? Never made one. Too crafty for my likings. Following Pinterest on twitter all I ever saw was “no pins for the next hour. sorry. back soon.” How incredibly annoying! What the hell people? When does this get good?

But then I logged in for a 3rd or 4th time and Holy Sweet Mother of Jesus. I so got it. My time is now being sucked far, far away into a black hole with all of your time.

Watch iCarly with the kids. Sure, with a little Pinterest on the iphone. Make dinner. Sure, with a little Pinterest on the ipad while I call Donato’s on my iphone. Clean myself today. Sure, while I lay in the bathtub with a little Pinterest on my mobile access device of choice.

Did I use any soap? Don’t know. I was too busy pinning recipes I’ll never make, crafts I’ll never create and vacations I’ll never take to the Maldives. Well maybe the Maldives, but I’m sure as hell probably not melting crayons in a beautiful range of colors on that spare artist canvas I’ve got around the house.

Tell me what you’ve found on Pinterest. What am I dying to see? What do I need to add to my boards?  Just remember my Pinterest boards show you just how cool I am in real life.

Wait. Did I say earlier I probably won’t do any of this stuff? So yeah, I just “look” that cool. Perception is reality, right? Enjoy my reality. IF you’re not too busy with your own pins.

God you people are cool.