in review

2011 was the year that:

  • We sold a house.
  • We bought a house.
  • We bought new furniture.
  • We quickly made a house our home.
  • We vacationed on the Jersey Shore.
  • We liked it.
  • We started 2nd grade.
  • We started kindergarten.
  • We got rid of the engagement car.
  • We bought a mini cooper.
  • We continued driving a mini van.
  • We started a blog.
  • We rediscovered funny.
  • We stopped wearing acrylics.
  • We didn’t cut our hair short.
  • We tried to stop biting our nails.
  • We got lost in a grocery store.
  • We fell in love with where we live.
  • We accepted working from home.
  • We learned to enjoy it.
  • We started working in the office again.
  • We found amazing new friends.
  • We missed amazing old friends.
  • We started football.
  • We started rock climbing.
  • We started basketball.
  • We hosted backyard parties.
  • We started bonfires.
  • We friended moonshine drinkers.
  • We became human pretzels.
  • We fell down stairs.
  • We found favorite new restaurants.
  • We started shopping at Wal-Mart.
  • We hit the amusement park whenever we wanted.
  • We shopped at Ikea whenever we wanted.
  • We ate meatballs whenever we wanted.
  • We found new doctors.
  • We found new vets.
  • We found a lump in our breast.
  • We found out it was nothing.
  • We had surgery on our knee.
  • We were on crutches for eternity.
  • We juiced.
  • We fixed our face.
  • We found new pumpkin patches.
  • We hosted Thanksgiving.
  • We found new Christmas tree farms.
  • We came.
  • We saw.
  • We laughed.
  • We cried.
  • We loved.
  • And then we laughed again some more!

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