doing it disney style

On our list of 2012 vacation ideas is a trip to Disney World. Just typing that sentence kinda makes me quiver. I get the shakey shakes.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Disney and was lucky enough to go many times as a kid. I was so in love with Disney that I participated in their College Program and spent a semester “making families happy” getting on and off the Grand Prix Raceway while wearing steel toed boots and a half blue/half yellow uniform. That was me, hott. In my early days.

The idea of planning a trip to Disney for the family kinda makes me wanna just plan a trip to the beach. You know, find a place, get there, do nothing for a week, come home. But for Disney there’s coordination of travel & transportation, the meals, the hotels, the parks, the passes, the fast passes, the parades, the expense, the lines, the secrets, the tips, the methods, the travel, the parks, the lines….all of it. Quivering.

I put a shout out to my facebook friends (yeah, I still like facebook) and got a ton of super helpful ideas. I *need* to buy a book. I *need* to watch a video. I *need* to call so & so who will plan the whole thing. I *need*. I *need*. I *need*.

The kids will love it I’m sure. I loved it as a kid. LOVED! The Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, sitting up front on the Monorail, the Contemporary, the Electric Light Parade, the countries of Epcot.

Now I just *need* to get my ass in gear and do some research, make some plans. Simply get. my. ass. in. gear!

But my gears seem broken…HELP ME Mickey! HELP ME!

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