a better mousetrap

Dear label-sticky-sticker-madness-maker:

You’ve gotta change your ways. You’re really starting to piss me off. WHY oh WHY do you have to put a label on things, all things, that is impossible to get off? WHY oh WHY can these not easily peel from one corner, in one fell swoop? WHY oh WHY is this sooo hard?

I purchased new folders for my kids. We are gonna organize the crap outta their Picasso-like artwork. Just as soon as I peel off the annoying sticker placed right over what’s marketed to me as the “customizable front cover.”

This is 1.5 hours after the peeling began. There are approximately 1.5 million pieces of little, sticky, madness, stickiness. Some of them microscopic. If I am to die today, I guarantee the coroner is gonna find sticky stickiness under my fingernails and cry for me!

Seriously, this is annoying. We need to come together and fix this. We also need to figure out how to make a sticker part of our customized cover design!