project 365

On many days I pretend I’m Annie Leibovitz or Ansel Adams.

Don’t fool yourselves. I don’t have their talent, but I’m really good at pretending like I do. Put me in front of a landscape or a person, *click* *click* *click*. Throw that photo through a filter or 2 and viola! An ottmama masterpiece.

My camera of choice is my iphone 4S, pretty much cause it’s always by my side. We purchased an SLR this summer but I don’t use it or carry it around like I should. With all of the photo editing options on the iphone and it’s constant presence on my person, it’s what I use.

So for the next 365 days, starting yesterday, I’m posting a picture a day. Affectionately referred to by many as project 365, it’s something I’ve contemplated for a while and finally made a major commitment to this morning.

My subject matter will be….whatever I encounter that day. People, places or thing(s). I’ve created a new page on my blog, project 365 (CLEVER!) so you can follow along. I’ll also be posting on twitter and fb.

Oh, this is gonna be fun!!  Hope you enjoy the ride along with me.

(And don’t you worry, I’ll still be posting funny in between the photos. Can’t stop that train!)

4 thoughts on “project 365

  1. I hope to join you in this challenge and keep it fun…photo’s are the main theme for so many. I think it’s hard to talk about one topic for 365 days and quotes get old… LOL

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