get outta my house

One of my little angels from heaven goes back to school today. The other tomorrow. Tomorrow’s gonna be the absolute best day of my life! If I can remember how we get them ready for school. (Anyone know where I “organized” away the backpacks, lunch boxes and worksheets? I’m guessing I should probably look on one of my Pinterest boards for them!)

My kids have been off school for about twelve two weeks. That’s 2 weeks of full-on parenting. That’s 2 weeks of full-on entertainment. With a lot of movies and video games playing the role of parent. And a roadtrip in the middle. TWO whole weeks. No where for them to go during the day. Exhausting!

In between all that non-parenting & *constant* use of movies and video games playing the role of parent, we played 439 games of Sorry! And we are all super addicted. Saahhhhrrr-EEEEEE

We watched 549 episodes of Victorious. And we still like it.

We made 15 dozen Christmas cookies, entertained cousins and visited Aunt Carole and Uncle Bill more than once. We roadtripped to Grandma & Pop-pops and disappeared for 3 days.

We got in some basketball on the warm days and snuggled under blankets on the cold days. Okay we may have snuggled under the blankets on some of the warm days too. After all, we are a very active family!

We showered at least twice. Maybe 3 times.

We made some food. We ordered some food. We all probably gained 47 pounds. Or was that just me? *None* of us can fit in our jeans!

In my book, that’s simply another Christmas break survived as a family unit. I love them but I anxiously await owning my day, and the television, tomorrow!!

What’s that noise? Can anyone hear that? Oh, it’s the sound of nothingness. And it sounds glorious!!!

So what’s on my agenda for tomorrow? Oh, 8 conference calls. God, I hope I don’t have a speaking role on any of them!!  When’s MLK day??

And then you said...

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