how i got my groove back

It’s the first day back to school for both kids which required getting up early, throwing together a “breakfast,” brushing some hair, making some braids, feeding some dogs, making a lunch, finding a couple backpacks, pouring some juice and making some coffee.

Since it’s extra cold today, it was also required that we find some hats, throw on some sweatshirts & winter coats and find a missing glove.

All done in about 20 minutes. GROOO-VE

This is our morning routine. This is just how it works. Except it hasn’t worked this way in a couple of weeks. Sure, we brushed some hair, had some breakfast and poured some coffee. But we took our time. There was less yelling.

This morning we all tried to find our groove again. And by golly, I think we’ve got it back!

Hope it’s still there tomorrow. Doubtful we can do this 2 days in a row, but a girl can dream! GRRROOO-VE