the hangover

Long overdue for a mommy’s night, I took my rump shaker out on the town last night. And by out on the town, I mean to the local pub for “Cougar Night.” I’m not kidding.


Thursday nights at this place are affectionately called Cougar Night. Not sure why. Maybe it’s just a silly rumor. My old lady friends and I have been before and haven’t witnessed much “cougaring.” But it’s amazing people-watching that allows us to comment and feel better about ourselves, good beers and whole lotta fun. There’s even a DJ that plays crappy country music until you tell him not to.

Last night was a whole lotta fun.

My rump shaker shook. (And it shook hard. Like jiggly hard.)

I have new facebook stranger friends (Always the sign of a good night but who are you people?)

I danced with a guy who says he’s a bit of a Youtube *sensation* in the States and in England. By day he works at the AT&T store. (Don’t think I’m not stalking YouTube to find him today!)

I attempted to play the role of matchmaker between a local and a foreigner. (Ahhh, young love across the oceans.)

And I took out most of a Yuengling keg (Cuz that’s what all the cool kids are drinking.)

For breakfast this am, I enjoyed coffee, gatorade and a few ibuprofens. All I can think about is a sausage mcmuffin with egg & a fountain coke.

Mmmmmmmm sausage. Which one of you is bringing me the grease??? I ain’t got much shake left in my rump and I’m not sure I could walk the 25 feet over to my garage/vehicle. And then drive something like 3 miles. That’s just way toooo much to ask of me today!

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