my bologna has a first name

Go ahead and ask me what I rode around in as a kid. Go ahead, ask!

“What did you ride around in as a kid?”

“The Wienermobile”

“The WHAT?”

“The Wienermobile. You know, my bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R. My bologna has a second name, it’s M-A-Y-E-R. I love to eat it every day and if you ask me why I’ll saaahhhyy, cause Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A”

Anyone? Anyone?

I’m serious when I tell you I was lucky enough to grow up next door to a guy that worked at Oscar Mayer and the Wienermobile would randomly show up at his house between parades and cook-outs and where ever else it goes, and the kids in the neighborhood would pile in and we’d ride around as the coolest kids around.

It’s for real. I’m that cool!

So when a girlfriend told me the Wienermobile was going to be in our ‘hood, I about peed my pants. SHUT UP! The Wienermobile? My neighborhood. Did I just die and go to heaven?

Yes, people this is really this exciting. Pee your pants exciting! I drugged dragged took my hungover, braless, Wisconsin sweatshirt wearing, non-showered ass out to the grocery store to photograph this amazing 7th wonder of the world just so I could share it with you!

It’s for real. I’m that generous!

God look at this thing. It’s amazeballs.

A wiener on wheels. That people drive. Young people straight outta college with vigor, hopes and dreams.  The driver noticed my Wisconsin sweatshirt and we had a big ‘ole WI reunion.  She’s from the eastside of Madison. I grew up up the road. Some old lady was also chatting it up and was beyond excited to share that she always got her quilting supplies in my hometown. Really?  We are standing in front of the Wienermobile and we have to talk quilting?

It’s for real. I’m a quilter hater!*

Suddenly I thought I was in Sentry parking lot, not Kroger. I started having flashbacks and worried I was late for my shift at O’Connell’s Pharmacy. Is it 1989?

Hell no, cuz the Wienermobile went and got all fancy!! And I just had an amazing trip down memory lane.

Sorry you missed it. Here’s the photos. Try not to pee your pants.

And yes I got a whistle! And yes, I’m willing to turn any of the above photos into a poster for your mantle. Again, I’m *that generous!*

*Disclaimer: I have nothing but love for the quilters of our world. Thanks for keeping us warm.

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