i werhhhkout

Okay not really, but since my muffin top is about to swallow my chin, or a small child, I am forced to take action.

My husband is great at going to the gym. He’s wonderful at taking the kids and escaping for a couple of hours while he works out and then they all swim in the pool like a happy little family. I often feel my role is better served by staying at home and watching Bravo! doing something important like cooking my kids up a  bowl of frosted flakes a healthy dinner for them to enjoy when they return.

I loathe the gym.

I loathe finding the workout clothes. Let alone the clean ones.

I loathe trying to find socks.

I loathe having showered in the morning and now it’s late in the day and I’m supposed to get all stinky and sweaty and have to shower AGAIN. C’mon now!

I loathe the pain later.

I loathe the boredom of it all.

Loathe. Loathe. Loathe.

I don’t like it.

A few friends have asked my husband what it will take to get me to the gym. Ummm, an Act of God. Maybe this new muffin top is said Act of God.

Since it’s been 50 degrees and sunny out the past few days, I’ve taken some walks around the block. (Note: the block is big and there are two of them there blocks and some cul-de-sacs to meander around, so there!) Since I’ve got “I’m Sexy and I Know It” on auto-repeat playing in my ears, I walk super fast. Or fast. Well faster than normal since normal is not walking at all. Yeah ME!

It’s supposed to be colder toward the end of the week, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll go to the gym. Cuz nothing excites me like the idea of walking on a treadmill. Wooo hooo! Someone settle me down.

But I do kinda like these explosions I’m feeling in my butt muscles when I’m done walking. That’s toning, right?? When do I start feeling that in my muffin top?