hello friday

I woke up this morning truly convinced today was Friday. I’d been hoping for it all week and was glad it was finally here. My day was destroyed when I realized it’s only Thursday. Thursday, I hate you. Cause you’re not Friday and you’re looking pretty ugly. Who’s ugly? Yeah you! Oh I haven’t showered in two days? Yeh, shut up! You’re still not Friday!

It’s cloudy, there’s talk of rain & snow then ice. And I’m coughing so I started my day with a shot of Nyquil. Yeh, the new honey kind. GAH-ROSS!  It’s way too thick to be cough medicine. ICK. ICK. ICK. And it looks like pee. ICK.

That’s the theme for today, ICK! It isn’t Friday like it should be. The sun isn’t shining like it should be. I’m coughing like I shouldn’t be. Cough medicine was made with honey like it shouldn’t be. And it looks like pee which it really, really shouldn’t be!


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