the skymall

There’s a glorious, magical place way up high in the sky. (No, not the Mile High Club. Why I would never….sorry different post) A place I always like to shop and browse and peruse. The SkyMall. That amazing catalog in my seat-back-pocket, filled with items I can’t believe people really buy. Really people? Really. You buy this crap? (NOTE: please send photos of the 3 foot Big Foot you bought and put in your backyard.)

First I saw this:

A couple pages later, I saw this:

But then this one had to be my favorite. Really? No one really buys these do they?

Wait a minute Julie! There’s something wrong with your site. Your pictures are just black boxes. You’re right! Something is wrong and it’s called censorship. It’s what could have happened if SOPA and PIPA had passed.

See these aren’t my images. I pirated them right off the internet. Sharing these funny things with you as part of demonstrating the insaness of our daily life through the greatness that is would now be illegal. And I say thank god it’s illegal cause I’ve obviously caused serious harm to you and others by sharing these photos! And for that I’m very, very sorry. Okay, no I’m not!

So thank you to everyone who contacted their Congressman and/or Senator. It worked. We won. SOPA and PIPA failed. Bills were pulled. People are happy again. Fact checkers are alive and well on Wikipedia again.

I get stopping pirated music or movies. This simply isn’t the way to do it!! I will continue to protest censorship. Cause I can. I expect you will too.

Today’s civics lesson for all of you that didn’t make contact with your government, it’s really not that hard to find them. Go to google. Search “congressman/senator zip code.” Where I wrote zip code, you enter your own. (You’re welcome for that extra layer of clarity.) Then you call them. You say something and your job is done. Good work! And remember kids, your SuperPowers only work if you use them. Use them!

And then you said...

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