about that carpe diem thing

There’s an amazing post that’s gone viral written by a Mom about seizing the day. She’s a mom of younger children and she writes about encountering older women while out and about with her kids. These women tell her her children will grow up so very, very quickly and she MUST seize the day. Seize every little moment. Carpe friggin diem. She kindly and honestly says no while giving a great visual of pushing these old ladies off a mountain and her kids tearing it up at Target. Seriously, carpe diem and go read the article!

AHHH-to-the-MEN I say!

I get my kids will grow up so very quickly. I get it as much as I can while they are still young. I also get that they can annoy the crap out of me. I get that I’ve never felt love for anything like I do for them. And I also get I’ve never felt fear like I do when I turn around at Target and they are gone! I get all that, but I’m not an every moment seizer.

Just as she writes, every moment isn’t magical. I have no desire to seize those horribly, trying moments. Learn from them and move on. Maybe. But remember and treasure them. Hells to the no! I’d need more medication and alkeehall. (And no this isn’t the post where I tell you how all suburban moms are high alcoholics. Cause we’re not. I don’t think. I just like to say we all are.)

We also aren’t all melting crayon scraps and making fresh new crayons. We all aren’t knitting hats & scarves for our kids while seizing every minute of their youth. We all aren’t making a nutritious dinner each and every night (hell look at all the cream in our pinned Pinterest recipes!) or carting them around to all of their activities without a bad word, or 7, coming out of our mouths.

I’ll speak for myself when I say I didn’t have kids to lose myself and who I am. I had kids to grow and parent and love and teach. Oh and Mike and I “pulled” the goalie, rubbed elbows and viola! Magic. As Glennon writes, my kids are only a part of my day and some of the moments I chose to remember. Some days they are a ton of these moments to hold on tight to, other days I forget they exist. Same as I do with some of the moments with my husband. Same as I do with some of the moments with my job and with my friends.

As I choose to remember today, I’ll forget that Will played basketball with what looked like a booger swept across his nose that he claimed was just ice cream and that Hannah got in trouble for something she “just can’t remember” at school. I will remember that bedtime was incredibly easy, Hannah’s second tooth is about to fall out and I made it through the day only yelling a couple of times. I do not believe I dropped the f bomb at all.

Winning! And carpe diem’ing some of it!

And then you said...

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