i did not shower

I did not shower yesterday.

I would not.

Could not.

Did not.

And now today I feel super gross and while I’m contemplating showering this morning, I can’t get past what a difficult task it seems it’s going to be!

Is it really that hard? NO! Do I enjoy the warm water, the music real loud, the groove that takes over my hips, the cleanliness I feel after? Absolutely! But then there’s the “where’s my clean jeans?” “why all this product in my hair?” “where the hell’s my hairbrush, HANNNNNAAAHHHH??!!??” “Do I really have to dry my hair again?”

That part is really just too much.

So here I sit.  Inertia sets in.

Let me be the first to say it, I’m disgustingly odoriffic!

Must. Go. Shower. Now.





(God it’s hard to be me!)