dear james

Dear James,

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I whistle while I work!

the whistle at work

Save me a bar stool at your favorite London pub! First I need to ring Will & Kate and then I’m on my way. Me & my whistle.


Today’s post brought to you by: (1) working in CorporateAmerica & having some really cool vendor partners that like Wienermobile whistles (2) travel (3) not traveling this time and wondering if they can possibly have fun without me. Pretty sure they can’t!  Safe travels

6 thoughts on “dear james

  1. Love it! They knew we’d steal you away …we do have great snacks & nerf guns. 🙂

    We’ll miss seeing you.

    At least there’s zero chance of getting snowed in at the airport.

  2. A bucket list that contains Ott Mama is all the excitement a fun lad can handle.

    I’m depressed that you are heading down with the suits. Of course they probably worried what you wouldn’t return.

    I’ll make sure the suits enjoy the receiving end of Nerf dart pleasure >;-).

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