proponent of the public school

When we moved last Spring, enjoyed the summer and then started in a new school district in August we went in knowing things were gonna be different.  This district is rated Excellent with Distinction. Our previous district wasn’t. We had a lot of problems with “violence” in the 1st grade at the old school. We knew we’d have some of the same problems, bullies would still exist, but pretty sure I wouldn’t be told my super-tall 7 year old son was getting trampled on the playground. Who does that??

And I welcomed these changes. I miss dearly the amazing teachers Will had at his old school. He did well in the environment but we knew it was only going to get better for him. And for us, as parents.

Earlier this week, he brought home a worksheet from the new school. In a pile of worksheets. The pile of worksheets I quickly scan, throw away while no one is watching and hope to God I’m not throwing away something super important. That needs turned in and I don’t know till it’s too late. (Anyone? Anyone?)

God was shining on me cause my eye caught this:


So there. How’s that for “Excellent with Distinction?”

It goes without saying that’s he rocking his new school and environment. But I wonder what else he hears at home that’s written on a worksheet. Now sitting in some recycling center.  I can only imagine!

And then you said...

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