asking for a friend

Can someone explain to me my friend just how recycling works? I mean in this house her house we they recycle. Here’s the gist of her dilemma and what keeps her up at night:

  • How does it get *clean*?
  • How does the stinky, sat in 90 degree heat bottle of ranch dressing turn into a *clean* soda bottle?
  • How are the $7 100 count 2 ply unbleached 99.9% made from recycled materials napkins from Whole Foods *clean*?
  • What if “a friend” accidentally puts the Target plastic bag of dog excrement in the recycle bin and off it goes?
  • What happens at this recycling center of which I my friend has never seen?
  • Does someone sort, toss and discover “unrecyclables” at this center? (My friend says she’s sorry about that Target bag!)

Anyone have the answers? Or do I have to spend the day on Google and YouTube to get the answers.  For my friend.

And then you said...

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