i’m an addict

Cheddar Cheese & Carmel. Popcorn. Two flavors mixed into one happy mouth orgasm. Have you tried it? Do you know what I speak of?


Then you must not be living the really, REALLY good life. Something’s missing for you and for that I am sad.

Previously, said popcorn was only available to me on my magical journeys to Chicago. (Garrett’s anyone? HEA-VEN on this very earth!) But on a recent trip to Costco, I found the following. Sold in bags. Only miles from my house.

chicago mix

Do you understand what this means? Do you get it? This is a game changer people!

It means I can drive over to Costco any ‘ole time I want and buy up as many bags as dollars I have left in my checking account. (But only if I bring cash or put on my credit card since my friends at Costco don’t like debit. What up with that??)

So I bought bags. And then I went back for more bags. And then something happened. The Chicago Mix was showing up in every other photo I was taking and I gained approximately 23 lbs. In such a very short period of time.

the bowl of magic

only way to improve bridesmaids

I haven’t been back to Costco in days, but now having written this, I will be going today. Oh yes, I will. I’m a-jonesing people. I have cravings. I have needs.

And furthermore, guess where I’m gonna be the next 2 weekends? Chi-ca-go! So hellllllo, Garrett’s. You’ve been officially warned. I’m coming. Probably more than once.

“Hi, my name is Julie. And I’m a Chicago Mixaholic.” First step is admission, right?

4 thoughts on “i’m an addict

    1. Man how I wish I really knew someone named Big Time!

      Glad my humor helped you pass the time. I hope you were the crazy guy laughing to himself at the gate & everyone was looking at you funny!

      1. So which Costco did you find it in. We tried our local store and they didn’t sell it and it wasn’t even in their computer. The guy thought it may have been a seasonal item. Went home broken..

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