i’m an addict

Cheddar Cheese & Carmel. Popcorn. Two flavors mixed into one happy mouth orgasm. Have you tried it? Do you know what I speak of?


Then you must not be living the really, REALLY good life. Something’s missing for you and for that I am sad.

Previously, said popcorn was only available to me on my magical journeys to Chicago. (Garrett’s anyone? HEA-VEN on this very earth!) But on a recent trip to Costco, I found the following. Sold in bags. Only miles from my house.

chicago mix

Do you understand what this means? Do you get it? This is a game changer people!

It means I can drive over to Costco any ‘ole time I want and buy up as many bags as dollars I have left in my checking account. (But only if I bring cash or put on my credit card since my friends at Costco don’t like debit. What up with that??)

So I bought bags. And then I went back for more bags. And then something happened. The Chicago Mix was showing up in every other photo I was taking and I gained approximately 23 lbs. In such a very short period of time.

the bowl of magic

only way to improve bridesmaids

I haven’t been back to Costco in days, but now having written this, I will be going today. Oh yes, I will. I’m a-jonesing people. I have cravings. I have needs.

And furthermore, guess where I’m gonna be the next 2 weekends? Chi-ca-go! So hellllllo, Garrett’s. You’ve been officially warned. I’m coming. Probably more than once.

“Hi, my name is Julie. And I’m a Chicago Mixaholic.” First step is admission, right?