and this is why i love pinterest

I pin photos of how amazingly cute I’d look with short hair. Never mind I’ve had short hair before. I love how this cut is accentuating my super long eyelashes and adorable sweater:

carey mulligan

I pin photos of my next vacation spot. Never mind the cost OR 42 hour flight to get there. I’m obviously going to take a month off from my super high-paying job and just go:


I pin photos of the “not take out” dinner I’m making for my family tonight. Never mind it has enough cream and butter to kill all of us upon arrival in our bellies, I’m sure it’s delicious nonetheless. Doesn’t it just look yummy:

creamy shrimp pasta

And I pin what my body would look like should I “choose” to start modeling. Never mind my current body looks just slightly, umm, curvier:


Pinterest is simply here for me to better illustrate my very own reality to you (#humblebrag) and for that I love it!

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