ellen’s gay. so what!

There are few celebrities I really, truly admire and am convinced we will some day be the best of friends. I really, truly admire Ellen and know that one day we will meet and suddenly become the best of friends. I just now it!

I find Ellen simply amazing. She’s brilliantly funny, she’s incredibly passionate, hilarious and oh yeh, she’s gay.

I don’t understand why “she’s gay” is one of the few descriptors often used to describe her. I don’t talk about myself as brilliantly funny, hilarious and hetero. Do you know any normal heteros that shout out “I’m straight!” I don’t and I’d argue I’m mostly crooked, but whatever!

There’s a group out there, trying to get pretty vocal, that feels otherwise about Ellen. Some group calling themselves A Million Moms is very concerned about Ellen’s new relationship with JCPenney. They are idiots, there are no where near a Million of them and Ellen addresses them eloquently below:

Haters are my motivators! My response: Hello Best Friend! I knew this would work out between us. Yes, Yes and Yes to everything you said. Anything I can say further about this would only illustrate my fierce anger toward these people and people like them. Ellen tells me to be compassionate. I struggle with that in this situation and will try to find a way to fight the morons “with compassion.”

Compassionate mothers much wiser than myself have created a facebook page: One Million Moms Shopping at JCPenney for Ellen. I used my anger to like the page and add my voice to them. I know, not too hard to push the “like” button. Exactly, so go push it yourself and add your voice.

I’m also not one to shop at JCPenney.  Right or wrong, I have a vision of what they sell not appealing to me and I probably haven’t been in their store since I was a kid. But that’s gonna change. I will be visiting JCPenney and I will buy something. JCPenney.com is at my fingertips as it is yours. Go get something now!

In business, numbers tell a story. Go support Ellen by buying something at JCPenney so they see the sales numbers they want and need in making a great choice in picking a new spokeswoman and sticking with her even when idiots are out there “complaining” due to their ignorance.

Hate is motivating me. May it motivate you too!

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