to my girls

No we aren’t talking about THE girls today, we are talking about the girls. Those friends that you treasure, that you think of often, that you haven’t spoken to in months/years and wonder if they think of you as often as you think of them.

I met a couple of my girls in Chicago this weekend. And as I imagined, we picked up right where we left off. Topics included our kids, our husbands, our challenges, our complaints, our joys, our madness. Okay, maybe I’m the only one with madness, but whatever. We bonded at the makeup counter, the bar, the bar, the drinks at the hotel, Starbucks, the lobby and over brunch.  Cause we’re like that now. We brunch.

Growing up, I lived in one place til high school graduation. Then I moved and moved and moved so more. Somehow I can now see 40 and think about all the girls that crossed my path and shared so much. Where are they now? How did we share so much then lose touch for so long? I wonder if I show up on their doorstep, (a) do they recognize me? and (b) do we scream, hug, share a drink and catch up? Oh how I’d love that. (c) my doorstep or yours??

So to all the girls I’ve lost touch with, the ones that meant so much to me…the girls from a long long time ago (Rachel, Megan, Beth, Rana, Shari, Nickey, Joaner, Jen) to the girls I met as a Mommy (shout out to the CLE) to the girls I’ve reconnected with (Megan & Kate) to the new friends that have learned I’m a rump shaker.

To all of you, I say I miss you. To all of you, I say I still think of you often. To all of you, I say hello again, how are you, how are your families?

To me, you’re my girls. And to me, you mean so very much.  Much love to you, all these months and years later!!

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