the glamour of a traveller

These days, I’ve been hitting the road. Some for work, some personal, all of it attached with some kinda drama. Travel is so damn glamourous – let me illustrate the ways.

My work travel usually takes me to one of two very glamorous cities: Pittsburgh or Cleveland. Travel to Pittsburgh requires flight. Cleveland, I can rent a car and haul my ass north.  All’s good.

The last trip to Pittsburgh was painful. First leg, no problem. Direct flight (GLAMOUR), early morning, gorgeous sunrise. And boy how I love being awake for a sunrise!


Made my way, arrived safely, thought thoughts as I often do of many seen at the airport, then sat in conference rooms. I added an amazing amount of value to all conversations. Then I had a nice night in a hotel room. A night without any responsibilities of feeding others, sleeping with others, cleaning others and do anything for others (GLAMOUR). It was all me and that’s always nice now and then. And room service. I am also good at room service (GLAMOUR) (photo edited for extra glamour).

the oatmeal

I had all my meetings and then it was time to come home. Ice is on it’s way to Pittsburgh, but NO PROBLEM, I’m getting out of town the night before it hits. Direct flight and I’m home safe. Except my flight was cancelled (GLAMOUR). And Delta was kind enough to book me on a flight through ATL, with a  5 hour layover leaving the next day. Saturday. I had other plans for my Saturday. As a business traveller I’m well connected with a Corporate Travel Department (GLAMOUR) so I call them to make my life better and an arrival home that night mandatory.

Mandatory may be too strong of a word, but I get booked on a flight that gets me home at 11pm. Through a city no where near my final destination. Whatever I’m on my way home. I’m getting home tonight!

the map

Except I’m not. We land around 1am (GLAMOUR) and there’s so much ice I can’t drive home. So I spend the night at the airport hotel (GLAMOUR) with about 7 other passengers (different rooms of course) and drive home Saturday morning.


Then I had a weekend in Chicago with some old friends.

the windy city

And that was F.U.N! Again, no responsibility for “others” (GLAMOUR). Just have some fun. Fun was had. My ride was super fast and a little dirty but I turned a 5 hour drive into about 20 minutes.

my ride

Bars, Michigan Avenue (GLAMOUR), Bars, Shopping, Bars (GLAMOUR), Chatting, Bars, Makeup Counters (GLAMOUR), Bars (GLAMOUR).


Then another business trip. A drive up to Cleveland (GLAMOUR) for an overnight. For these drives, I rent a vehicle. A nice ride from my friends at Enterprise. I’ve been renting from Enterprise for years. Never a problem.

Then I had this drive to Cleveland.

These friends gave me a Camry (GLAMOUR). A nice ride. Cruise (GLAMOUR), heat, power windows, all’s good. I’m on my way. Up the interstate I head. Then I’m in Cleveland. Off the interstate. At stoplights. And this Camry stalls out at each red light (GLAMOUR). Ugh? This doesn’t seem quite right. I make it to my hotel, call my friends at Enterprise and they are gonna make it right.

Since they’ve got it handled, I head off to my new home from 24 hours. The beloved conference room. Enterprise calls me twice that afternoon that all is set, cars have been exchanged, all is right in the world again (GLAMOUR).

NOTE to self: when the friends at Enterprise switch out your vehicle, ask these friends to tell you more about your new ride.

I did not ask questions. I was happy all was set. Then it was time to go home. My valet friends at the Hyatt brought around my new ride. I didn’t know what I was looking for.

This is not what I was looking for. “This” was an older Ford Focus (GLAMOUR), with many miles (GLAMOUR), no friendly no smoking here stickers inside, a strong scent inside (GLAMOUR) and NO CRUISE (GLAMOUR). Excuse me, what?? (the following photo is NOT what I was given to drive but it may have well been…)

the ford focus

I’m no car snob, but this isn’t even close to the class of car I rented and oh by the way, you expect me to keep my foot on a pedal for the next 4 hours??!!???  Really, really?


I call my local Enterprise and share my frustrations. As tough and angry as I may get sometimes, I have a horribly hard time making calls like this. I can’t even send food back at a restaurant. The manager at the local branch understands my frustration and will make it right. Since I’m returning the car after hours, he will check the car in and I can call him after 10 am.

I can call him? Nope, not gonna happen. You can reach out to me. It’s your job to make an unhappy customer happy. I’m not sure what’s gonna make me happy. It’s a little late for a foot massage or throat lozenges (GLAMOUR) for that scent I *got to* smell for 4 hours.

This weekend is another personal trip, this time with family so I will have “others” to manage. I think I can handle it and fun is on our agenda (GLAMOUR). Next week includes another flight. For business. Delta and Mother Nature better have their cooperation hats on!

So remember friends, travel is very glamorous and I am living the life! The G-L-A-H-H-H-M-O-R-O-U-S life!

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