counting calories.

On our roadtrip to Chicago this past weekend, we got to take the toll road. My husband’s favorite type of road in the whole wide world, and man do I love to hear all about his love for stopping every few miles to throw coins in a net.  LOOOOVE IT.

This trip we experienced a little something different. Now mind you, it’s me, my husband, 2 kids and a suitcase in your average mini van. A Honda Odyssey, if you need the full picture. Oh and probably some french fries, straw wrappers and a Capri Sun pouch or two thrown in for good measure. We are the average American family, on a road trip.

Except this time it wasn’t average. For those of you that have experienced the joy of the toll roads, not the *you have a ticket that tells you what you have to pay* but the *we are gonna weigh your vehicle and charge you based on # of axles* toll booth, you know how it works. You pull up, it reads 2 axles, you have the change in hand for 2 axles, so you drop it quickly, wait the eternity for the gate to rise and you’re on your way. Zoom Zoom!

But then there’s this one time, the time you weigh 3 axles. Yep THREE.  A.k.a – you’re extra fat & heavy.

So what happens? First, I scramble to find an extra 20 cents which is harder than you may think when rummaging through french fries and straw wrappers.  We quickly throw in our extra money and drive away.

My next thought is DAMN! Damn cause I didn’t get a picture and this is probably never gonna happen again.  Then the husband and I have the most entertaining conversation about how obnoxiously fat we’ve obviously become.  F-A-T!  So fat we are another axle.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve pushed the limits of my muffin top this winter season. I own jeans in such a range of sizes it makes me cry. I try not to wear any of them. I wear yoga pants proudly and with *longish, should maybe be longer* tshirts.

But a full axle?

Luckily, by the next toll booth, we were back down to 2 axles (BEST DIET EVER!!) and were very impressed with our rapid weight loss, dedication to losing the weight, watching what we ate and time spent at the gym.  Best 15 miles ever.

So to continue the rapid weight loss, the following is a photo of my caloric intake for the day.


I hope it’s not too many calories but I did drink the FULL 2.5 servings. I obviously have zero willpower. And man oh man do I feel full!

*ignore the nutty bars in the pantry, ignore the nutty bars in the pantry, ignore….*

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