identity crisis

I’m having a bit on an identity crisis. A bit of an issue defining for you just who I am. (I’m a sentence ender in preposition-er). I mean I get who I am (kinda, sorta, mostly just on Tuesdays) but how do I get you to quickly understand.

Some years ago I got married and became on Ott. A new name I thought was unique. I grew up a Clark and we were oh so common. No longer once I’m an Ott, I thought.

Except Ott is the German equivalent of Johnson. Everyone knows one and asks me if I’m related or if i know the Ott they know. I’ll tell you now, no I don’t know them nor am I related to them.

Also when I talk really fast introducing myself it goes a little something like this:

Hi I’m Julie Ott.

Hi Juliet. It’s nice to meet you!

No. It’s Julie (insert dramatic pause here) Ott.

Oh. Sorry Julie.

This name wasn’t working out as well as I’d imagined! Then I had babies and became a mommy. An ott mama. My very own clever play on hot mama. (CLEVER!) Cause with my muffin top, frizzy hair and inability to wear more than foundation I’m nothing but a hot mama.

When I started my blog and my life online, I thought what better to call myself than ottmama. I was about to tell stories about how glamorous I am, so obvious that ott translates to hott when followed by momma.

Except when it doesn’t. Sometimes you just get confused as a mom from Canada. Ottawa to be exact.

Most of my early twitter followers were Canadians. My first thought: COOL, followers! Then I wondered why my followers were mostly all (a) close friends (b) from the great white north.

Ohhhhh. Ott = Ottawa. I guess I knew this as I’d watched hockey and right there on the TV is OTT for the Ottawa Senators or sone team from up that way. I realized this right after I stopped thinking about how cool my name looks on TV!

So this is my crisis. I’m not Canadian. (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) I’m a hott ott. Being a mom in the suburbs makes me even more super hot! And with my diet this winter season, yeah OFF. THE. CHARTS. hott!

hot mama
{h}ott mama

I’ve incorporated an {h} until I can get a banner header with flames. Nothing screams hot like flames. I’m also still searching for flames for my minivan. Anyone? Anyone?

Do you get me? Am I getting thru to you? Is the {h} too much? Too in your face kinda like Tammy Faye’s eyelashes?

Plan b is to go with hotter otter but I feel like I get enough sex spam as it is.

And then you said...

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