saturday morning in review

Since I’ve been up for almost 30 minutes, let’s review how amazingly productive I’ve been:

  • drank 2 cups of coffee
  • posted to twitter, Facebook and project 365
  • carried on a text conversation re: plans tonight
  • bantered with 2 on twitter. both made me laugh
  • snuggled with my little man on the couch while ignoring Star Wars
  • let the dogs out
  • fed the dogs
  • checked my blog stats
  • wrote a post to recap my busy half hour.
I have failed to:
  • check Pinterest
  • make breakfast for anyone
  • let dogs back out after eating
  • attempt any personal hygiene
  • prepare for basketball game this morning
  • put dishes away
  • attack clutter

Never mind the things I failed to do this morning, I do believe I deserve to crawl right back into bed post my incredibly high-level of activity this a.m. G’night y’all.  Wishing you as much productivity this Saturday morning!

4 thoughts on “saturday morning in review

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