*it’s my birthday* week

It’s finally here.  That one week a year when everything stops and everyone focuses on me. Every. One. All. About. ME!

Some calendars publish without this holiday noted, so apologies for that! You’ve now been informed of this national celebration. Since *it’s my birthday* week, things are gonna be really different. Here’s how this different, special week is gonna go:

  • kids will have to get on buses
  • breakfasts/lunches will need made
  • hair will need brushed
  • laundry will need done
  • work will need to be attended
  • emails will need answered
  • conference calls will need dialed into
  • reminders will need said re: brushing teeth, flushing toilets and washing hands
  • bedtime stories will need read
  • and snuggling will be required

Yep, Birthday Week is way different than all the other weeks.  It’s my week to be special and be spoiled. Maybe I won’t do the dishes this week. Oh that’s right SuperHusband does them anyway. Well, maybe I won’t…..ummmm, remind anyone to brush their teeth. No, should probably keep doing that. Maybe, I won’t shower and blow-dry my hair every day this week. Oh that’s right. I don’t do that anyway.

What I will do is smile and know *it’s my birthday* at the end of the week.  That special day of the year that is MY DAY. Everyone should have their day and celebrate their birthday like a crazy lady. Celebrate like *it’s your birthday*! We all need more things to celebrate so embrace it and C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!! If you want to seize my birthday as a reason to celebrate this week, go for it!

And I’m not afraid to tell you my age. I will be 39, and that means the countdown to 40 begins. There’s some crazy stuff I wanna do this year before 40 happens. Kinda like a bucket list, completed in one year. More on that to come, but for now, it’s my birthday week. Let’s focus on that and me. Crazy lady celebrating her birthday!

To start the week in a crazy celebration of celebrating, I’ve got kids to wake up, breakfast to make and emails to answer. I am very important this week and someone very important has to do these things!

14 thoughts on “*it’s my birthday* week

  1. Dang German calendar. days are listed with Saturday is where Sunday is supposed to be so that makes Friday in the wrong place so you can’t just glance at it and say “oh The second is on Saturday, because its really were Saturday should be, but instead its not so then you get all messed up and screw up. SOOOOOOO, HAPPY B-DAY TO YOU!!! on Friday.

    Love, Dad

  2. I’m a big believer in birthday weeks, and birthday months…. What is it with only celebrating one day….? The whole month should be put on hold so that everyone can cater to our birthday needs!!

    Happy birthday, {h} ott mama,


  3. What IS IT with flushing the toilet. I finally threatened tonight, one more time and I’m taping that toilet seat down to make it out of order. So for the middle-of-the-night-pee-breaks, they have to come downstairs to do their business. #attheendofmyrope

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