shout out to all my bestest friends

I’ve got an amazing set of friends that truly, truly deserve a special shout out. Week after week, they are there for me, they always make me laugh and they may be the coolest people I personally know. Tight, close friends.

First, I’ve got Brad & Gary. No one makes me laugh like this couple. They have an amazing house in California. Gary writes for all the funny shows and Brad styles people exactly as I dress. Could we even have more in common? We went to Milan earlier this year, saw some amazing fashion and we just celebrated their 10 year anniversary. With these two, I’m always laughing or I’m shedding a little tear. Gary, honey, you can plan a surprise for me ANY TIME YOU WANT! That was beyond.

Next, I’ve got Ellen.  She’s amaze-balls! She’s such a good friend I see her almost every day. That woman can make me laugh, cry and dance like no other. I’m going dancing on Thursday night and unfortunately, I’ve been unable to reach her (must be real busy these days to not take my calls) but I’m gonna dance like she’s right there with me. Happy Birthday to me!

And then there’s Bethenny. She is such a great friend. She likes the drink as much as I do and was smart enough to brand all that. She also hangs with Ellen. How cool is that? What makes our friendship so great is she’s skinny, I’m fat. We just go together. Kinda like peanut butter and jelly. Or pancakes and syrup. Since she’s now super, super rich I can only imagine the fabulous trips we are gonna take together! Call me!

Have you met my Uncle Andy? He’s like my connector. He knows all the same people I do and has been kind enough to make so many introductions for me. Like Brad and Bethenny and Gary and Jeff and Zoila.

Oh that Jeff. No one understands me like Jeff. Our conversations often go “No, I’m more sarcastic.” “No, I’m more sarcastic!” Zooooiillla: where are you? Watching tele novellas?

I don’t know about your friends, but I see my besties every week. My other friends, not so much. They’re so busy with their everyday lives, it’s an email here or a Facebook post there. Not these best friends. These friends are there when I want them. Making me laugh, making me cry. What great friends! I’m so thankful for them. Oh how our friendships run so very, very deep.

(*if this post doesn’t strike a nerve with you, I recommend putting the entire Bravo channel on auto-record. It will change your life. Deep, deep friendships will be built! The deepest.)

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