today’s logic

Yesterday was Leap Day. A day that isn’t supposed to happen. Not real. That means yesterday didn’t happen so today is really my birthday.

And then tomorrow the *official calendar* says it’s March 2nd. My birthday.

So today is my birthday.

And tomorrow is my birthday.

And that is my logic for the day.

Happy Birthday to me!

10 thoughts on “today’s logic

  1. Will you be all this “birthday happy” next year? And want to celebrate that ONE for a week?

    Happy B-day, Today, tomorrow, always.



    1. I’m glad you brought that up. The celebration for/to 40 begins on March 3. I’m gonna be obnoxious this year leading up to the BIG ONE!! Prepare thyself…

      I’ve got a whole bucket list of things I want to do during my 363/364 (I was never good at numbers) day window!

  2. Everyday with you on this planet makes me want to Celebrate. However when your extra special days occur entire continents should celebrate in month long festivals.

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