to the suburbs young lady!

A year ago we went house hunting, and a year ago we stumbled upon our amazing new home.

We’d gone house hunting just to see what was available. My husband had been offered a promotion, we were interested in moving out of what was our current location, but I just wasn’t sure about moving where we had to for this promotion. We’d lived here once before and when we left, I was happy to be leaving.

But this go’round we’d be living in the suburbs, and one suburb is the same as another suburb is the same as that other cul-de-sac, right?  I was fearful of cul-de-sac living, but I was driving a minivan at this point, so this was the obvious next step my life was required to take. Obviously.

We decided to go house hunting one weekend to see if I could make this move. We were just looking. Just looking….

Nevermind that I had yet to talk to my boss about moving locations for work nor had we sold our then current house. But my boss is a cool dude, he’s big time and he wears boat shoes. Of course he’s gonna be cool with a superstar employee simply moving where she puts her laptop. Nothing else about my super-star-ness (word that’s used in my personnel file I’m sure!) was gonna change. We also hadn’t sold our other house. We’d dumped a shit-ton of money into the place, cheap things like new roofs and refinishing 3 levels of hardwood just to unload sell to some nice, well-deserving folk. And I had buried a St Joseph out back so our house was so gonna sell (upside down? backwards? forwards? toward the for sale sign? St Joseph = sooo much pressure!!). Someday, our place was totally gonna sell.

So we went house hunting. And then house hunting turned into house buying, which turned into contract signing just a few days later. Since we’s Rockefella’s owning two houses is exactly what we wanted to be doing. Rock-a-fella’s!

And it was so the right decision. I don’t do that right decision thing very often. It’s been amazing! Our other house sold several weeks later, we came down here on weekends while the kids finished up most of their school year and then we were here. No more back & forth. Officially in our new house which super quickly became our new home!

The fun girl that had lived here previously had a gene I never got. It’s called the Type A cleaning gene and my sister stole all of that in our family. Somehow, with 4 four kids, the previous owners of our great house attacked every spec of dust. You could even walk on the garage floor and feel nothing on your feet. Nothing. Spic & Span. I’d like to think we love this house just as much as they did, but you’ll find dust in my house. You’ll find dog hair. Your feet are gonna get dirty walking thru my garage. Dare I say you *may* even find clutter around here. Maybe, if you look hard enough (i.e. your eyes are open).

But it’s now our house, our home. We are still in love a year later. Both with the house and where we landed. We got the right place in the suburbs for us.

And I feel spoiled each day. I really, really wasn’t liking where I lived for a really, really long time. I really, really liked a ton of the people, I’d just really, really outgrown the where. Now I’m spoiled. It’s nothing special nor is it anything grand. It’s just simple, it’s safe and I’m not finding reasons each day why it’s okay to live where I’m living. I’m not searching high and low to find reasons to be okay with the schools, I can walk anywhere I want in the dark without looking over my shoulder and driving in the parking lot of my new grocery store doesn’t make me bat-shit crazy. I simply live where I live and I love it! It’s easy. And we’ve met some crazy, good people which always helps. (You know how you are!)

And this is just the way I like it. The way I wanted it to be. Ott mama is happy. (living in the suburbs, driving a minivan. WHO AM I???) And when ott mama is happy, the whole world is happy. The. whole. wide. world!

Even the kids…

And the dogs

4 thoughts on “to the suburbs young lady!

  1. Who would of thought the young me would turn into a very happy suburban mom driving a suburban. I just started my blog and am looking for other folks that are writing about the same things I am, (except that they probably know how to use punctuation). If you find the time I would love it if you stopped by my new page.

    1. Stopped by your place and loved it. As I posted on your blog, screw the importance of punctuation, except in the case of:
      Let’s eat Grandma!
      Let’s eat, Grandma!

      Otherwise, not so super important. Welcome to the land of blogging. Have fun

      1. I guess my fear of “the coma” has held me back in life. I had to tell my stories. I am sure you understand. But people are beginning to run when they see me coming. I am typing them now. For fear of perpetuating my disorder I bought my kids the book, “Eats, Shoots & Leaves: Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!” by Lynne Truss. I may need to read it. 😉

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