please pray for me

We are celebrating my son’s birthday this weekend. He requested a slumber party and of course, I say yes to everything he wants. Of course. Everything. Even this thing.

In just more than 24 hours, I will have 7 boys that play football together in my home. Can you feel my sweaty palms?

The plan is to crash the bowling alley for a bit. TANGENT: When’s the last time you went bowling? We went a few weeks ago and let’s just say it was a blast! I got beat in the first game by a 4 year old, but whatever, that’s not important here! I will also admit to rollerskating recently and pretending I’m John Travolta.  So yes, I’m pretending I’m 12. Totally cool with that! PYT is my ringtone these days. Again, whatever! It’s just who I am and I can’t hide the *real* me.

About this slumber party fast approaching: after the bowling alley, it’s back to the House! Pizza, cake, ice cream and scavenger hunts are on the *agenda.* I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there may be Nerf gun fight(s), football games (please NO RAIN), Wii games, Nerf guns fights followed by a couple of Nerf war games.

Is there any chance my pipe dream of *in front of a movie, passed out in front of the TV* by 9:30 will happen? 10:30? Any one gonna make me go to 11:30?

So here’s the thing. Since I have a daughter, she will probably NEED some quality time with her mom on Saturday night which will probably require her and I to escape to the master bedroom to paint nails and watch movies. Right?? She can’t be ignored that night and Daddy can’t paint fingernails. We all know that! And that puts the Man of The House in charge of the boys. That’s fair, right?? Who am I to deny my daughter special time during her brother’s madness of a slumber party? The girls in the house should probably get themselves outta the way, up in the bedroom?

I can only imagine what this night will bring and I’m kinda laughing about it now. Pray that I will still be laughing about it come Sunday afternoon, in the middle of my 3 hour nap!