vitamin d & vitamin margarita

Spring Break is quickly approaching so it’s time for me to escape the 85 degree March weather I’m suffering through to enjoy the rays on the beach.  Yes, think bikinis, hotel balconies, faux (fancy suburban word) bronzer and keg stands. SO. MY. STYLE!

While I’ve been enjoying this summer weather in March, if it’s even warmer in my Northern hometown while I’m in this Southern vacation spot on the coast, I’m gonna be pissed.  But I will be in salty air, with waves on my feet, sand under my toes, $10 margaritas in my hand and sunscreen on my nose! Most of these items can not be found in my Northern hometown. Mostly the $10 margaritas. We are a cheap people.

So with that, I’m off for some vitamin d & vitamin margarita. If I know myself, and I think I do, I’m guessing there will be much more vitamin margarita than vitamin d on my daily agenda! I could not be happier.

Wooo hooo!!! (Kids – watch the waves and be safe. Mommy’s got a drink in hand, is on vacation and can not be bothered!)