a fool by any other name

April Fools Day may be my favorite *holiday* as I love to lie and pull pranks. Yes, I’m evil like that. Take me on in the game of Balderdash and I’m apt to kick your ass. Make up a story, I’m on it! Tell a little white lie and make you believe it, I’m all over it. Pull a prank and watch you fumble, love it!!

But just for today. Of course.

However, I’ve never pulled off the real big pranks. The saran wrap on the toilet seat. The phone call with a *fake* emergency (that’s just cruel). The *hammering* of a photo into the refrigerator. The colored milk. The toilet paper across the bedroom door to *greet* my child in the am (nicely played Anne Marie!!).

What I have done is take a rubber band to the veggie sprayer. First one to use the kitchen sink in the morning gets soaked. My dad taught me that one. My dad is a great man. Our sink in our new house doesn’t have that same kinda veggie sprayer. My family will be spared this April Fools.

Maybe I’ll just tell them I’m cooking dinner, and we’ll all laugh.

And then you said...

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