smile & say cheezzeeee

We’ve just returned from vacation, and I have approximately 438,452 photos sitting on my iPhone that need downloaded somewhere, edited somehow, then uploaded somewhere for my someones to go see. (Yes, we have a fancy, big SLR. No, I never took it outta the hotel room. I’m a lazy photographer!)

Just typing that paragraph makes me want to take a nap.

For those of you lucky enough to follow me on twitter or Facebook, you’ve been privileged enough to see some of these amazing photos as they occurred. The rest need editing so I saved them to play with upon our return.

We’ve returned, and I can’t find the energy to play with them. Let me be clear, vacation was tough. We went to a beach. We sat in the sun. On the beach and by the pool. We bought all of our food. EXXX-HAUSTING! I even had to use some of my energy to apply sunscreen & drink some alcohol. I must be crazy to think I’d have the energy to sit at a computer and push some buttons to edit these photos upon our return.

Maybe it’s simply the vast amount of photos. I don’t know how you take photos, but while wearing sunglasses and a bevie in hand, I seem to take 2-3 shots of every shot. Again, I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve got 438,452 photos to edit. Okay, maybe I’ve off by a couple. I haven’t counted. That would take more energy.

Maybe I can stay up late, like past 8:30, one of these nights and do some editing. I won’t even start to talk about the videos I have of the kids on the ropes course or the bungy trampolines. It was exhausting to watch and video tape!! I can only imagine how exhausting it may be to upload these videos.

God, I need a vacation….

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