rump structures

Yes, I am writing a post titled rump structures. And I believe you will enjoy it. Stay with me on this one.

Some background. I’m a girl from Wisconsin. Being from Wisconsin, I was of course raised with some connection to dairy. However, I did not grow up on a farm. I did not drive a John Deere to school. And I did not own cows.

However, my dad was “in the business.” The dairy business.  He, also, did not own cows. Nor did he drive a John Deere. He was in Progeny Testing. You may ask yourself, “what the hell is that?” Folks, my father sold bull semen.

That’s right. Picture it: it’s career day at school. Billy’s dad is a firefighter. Suzy’s dad is a teacher. Tom’s dad is a farmer. Jeff’s dad is gay (but you’d never know it!)

ME? I got the dad selling bull semen. If you ask me how they “get it out,” this post is over! I recommend you simply google it.

Now let’s get back to the rump structure. And the purpose of my post.

My parents no longer live in the great state of Wisconsin, but have some property and my dad has some cows. Keeps himself involved in the business. He sometimes photographs them. As part of some kinda judging or something. (I pretend to understand.)

I promise this is going somewhere….

My dear, funny father also struggles with technology. Attaching photos to emails and sending them along to his daughters that live far, far away is sometimes a challenge. My mother recently visited my grandmother for her 93rd birthday (YEAH GRANDMA!) and photos were taken. My mother asked my father to please “email the girls with the photo of grandma!”

Here is the email my sister and I received:

Here is the photo Mom wanted you to see. Sorry couldn’t find it. it’s the one with Gramma in it.

THANK GOD HE ADDED:  it’s the one with Gramma in it. 

While I love the picture of my mother, grandmother and aunts, I emailed him back and asked him if he’d really just emailed me a picture of a cow’s ass? His reply: “excuse me!!!! That’s a rump structure.”

And there ya go! My father sold bull semen and now is sending us *rump structures.* So yeh, all’s good and normal in my family. How about yours??

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